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Eco-Friendly Christmas tips

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic still looms over the world in 2020, still there are many Christmas preparations happening all over the world. We believe that the Christmas should not have a cost on earth. We should be able to show our good spirit to our friends, family as well as to the planet same time. In this article we discuss how we can celebrate the Christmas in a eco-friendly way. Eco friendly Christmas decoration  From the tree to the cake, most of our Christmas choices have an impact on the sustainability of the planet. The best choice for a Christmas tree is to rent a Christmas tree. Make sure you bring the tree with the roots so after the...

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How to be "Eco-Friendly"

There are many discussions around the world that we need to adopt a Eco-friendly life style. But what exactly can we do to be more Eco-friendly? Even though people like to discuss about Eco-friendly lifestyles, it is evident that their consumer habits are not exactly Eco-friendly.  So what can we do to be more environmentally conscious?  We can shorten the process to three steps. 1. Consuming products that cause minimum effect to the environment 2. Understand the extent of your lifestyle carbon footprint and act to reduce your individual carbon footprint.  3. Support others to make their lifestyle Eco-friendly and spread the awareness within your circle to make a difference.  The first step is what you do immediately. You can...

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