Eco-Friendly Christmas tips

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic still looms over the world in 2020, still there are many Christmas preparations happening all over the world. We believe that the Christmas should not have a cost on earth. We should be able to show our good spirit to our friends, family as well as to the planet same time.

In this article we discuss how we can celebrate the Christmas in a eco-friendly way.

  1. Eco friendly Christmas decoration
Eco Friendly Christmas tree, sustainable, environmentally conscious, responsible festival Christmas

 From the tree to the cake, most of our Christmas choices have an impact on the sustainability of the planet. The best choice for a Christmas tree is to rent a Christmas tree. Make sure you bring the tree with the roots so after the Christmas season; it can be replanted and used next year. There are many farms which provide the service.

You might be worried to use a real charismas tree thinking it leads to the deforestation. However, most of the Christmas trees are commercial plantations which they replant after cutting. So, it’s actually good for the environment rather than the plastic counterpart. Plastics emit harmful content to the environment in the production stage. Also after the useful life (even after multiple recycles), it still adds harmful content to the soil and the ocean. Therefore it’s always better to go for the natural option.

As for the decorations, it’s again better to use natural elements such as wood, cotton or paper. There are plenty of decorations available to customers which are made out of natural substances.

We also have a special collection of Eco-friendly Christmas decorations in out one-stop Eco-Friendly alternative shop

Eco Friendly Christmas tree, sustainable, environmentally conscious, responsible, wooden festival Christmas decorations

Decorations also include lighting and scents. We always recommend using natural wax candles and natural essential oils. It is not only better for the environment in terms of less pollution, but also we can reduce the excessive electricity usage in festival season. We have the Eco-friendly wooden candles if you wondering where to buy the stuff.

Eco Friendly Christmas tree, sustainable, environmentally conscious, responsible festival Christmas wooden candles

We also have the wooden oil diffusers if you need,

These are just examples that there is always Eco-friendly options to whatever you need. You can find many similar products in other store and your local store if you kept looking.

  1. Christmas presents

Mum, dad, love, brother, sister, best buddy, BFF

These might be topping your Christmas presents list. Nut it’s always important to remember that your present should be always a present to the mother earth as well.

For the Christmas cards, we can use natural paper cards without polythene laminations. Also, you can add more green presents which will improve the gift experience as well. It’s important to use plastic free wrapping paper in gift wrapping. Plastic coated ones may be water proof or lasts longer; however it’s important these laminated polythene particles add to soil and ocean, polluting our beautiful planet. It’s always better to go for biodegradable option.

We have a cups and mugs collection made by sustainable stainless steel and wooden material. You can check out whether they fit for your gift or some beautiful wooden plates and bowls for your loved ones

Eco Friendly Christmas tree, sustainable, environmentally conscious, responsible festival Christmas gifts, wooden plates
  1. Christmas outfits

It’s always recommended to go for ethical brands in outfits (which are not operating sweatshops in dark areas in Asia), always, it’s better to go for natural material such as cotton in clothing rather than polyesters. Also we recommend using cruelty free material usage without using any animal hides.

  1. Clearing out

Final step is sustainable disposing or reusing of the items you used for this Christmas. It’s always recommended to use bio-degradable, recyclable, renewable materials. Also items with long usage made of wood, stainless steel cotton which can be used for a long time before disposing. You can donate your Christmas usages and breathe new life to the New Year.

We request all of you to celebrate the Christmas in an environmentally conscious and resource saving manner.


Eco Friendly Christmas tree, sustainable, environmentally conscious, responsible festival Christmas, sustainable living

Thanks for reading and have a Merry Christmas...!!!

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