How to be "Eco-Friendly"

There are many discussions around the world that we need to adopt a Eco-friendly life style. But what exactly can we do to be more Eco-friendly?

Even though people like to discuss about Eco-friendly lifestyles, it is evident that their consumer habits are not exactly Eco-friendly. 

So what can we do to be more environmentally conscious? 

We can shorten the process to three steps.

1. Consuming products that cause minimum effect to the environment

2. Understand the extent of your lifestyle carbon footprint and act to reduce your individual carbon footprint. 

3. Support others to make their lifestyle Eco-friendly and spread the awareness within your circle to make a difference. 

The first step is what you do immediately. You can check whether what you are buying are Eco-friendly, whether it can be recycled, whether it is possible to buy an alternative product with less harm.

Second step is a long lasting commitment to reduce your carbon footprint to promote a green economy. 

Third step is actively engaging in green dialogue with spreading awareness. However you should have taken step 1 and 2 before this or you will be seen as a fraud. 

Other than this consumer point of view, there are so much other things you can do like planting trees, conserving water and electricity, consume less energy, drive less and walk more, prevent littering. We are going discuss these points in next blog posts.

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