About us

Who we are

ECO ALTS is an Eco-friendly product store Based in the United States. We provide affordable alternatives to plastics and other polluting materials.


We want to break the myth that Eco-friendly products are expensive by nature. We have a large collection of wood, stainless steel, aluminum alloy products collection which are in the same price range as plastic products.

We ensure high quality and quick delivery of products to give the best experience to our esteemed customers. 


Well, we need everyone's effort to stop environmental pollution and save our beautiful planet. 

If we can replace one plastic product with an Eco-friendly product, we take that as a victory for our cause.

We present the best collection of Eco-friendly products on the internet with variety and affordability.

We offer FREE SHIPPING for all orders.

Eco Alts is not just another E-store. Eco Alts is a lifestyle, Eco Alts is an effort to shape the future of humanity.

⚫ Affordability - We put our effort to keep the product prices as low as possible. It's a common myth that Eco-friendly products cost more.

⚫ Fast Shipping - We provide 7-14 day shipping

⚫ Wide variety - We seek to offer Eco-friendly alternatives for all needs. We currently have over 300 products which cover most of the needs.

⚫ Security - Encrypted highly secure payment gateway

 Eco-friendly Initiatives - We initiate as well as support Eco-friendly projects, awareness programs.

⚫ Quick Delivery - We take our best effort to deliver the items as quickly as possible.

⚫ Superior support - We focus to give the best support to all customer issues as soon as we can and attend to every detail.